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professional ironing services

Why slog over a large pile of ironing when you can get someone else to do it for you? Gala Cleaning Ltd offer a totally flexible professional ironing service. We can work to your specific requirements, whether it is your whole week's ironing or just a few shirts. Our ironing service can be included as part of our regular cleaning services or we can offer ironing as a separate service.

Professional ironing services in London

Our ironing service:

To enquire about our ironing service call

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•  Shirts

•  Blouses

•  Skirts

•  Trousers

•  T-shirts

•  Sheets

•  Pillow cases

•  Quilt covers

•  Curtains

Our ironing guidelines:

Average time required is detailed in minutes.


6-7 shirts approx 60 min, £2 per item

6-7 Tshirts approx 30 min, £1.00 per item

1 set double bed linen approx 40 min, £9.00 per set

Iron expert

Professional ironing service

Flexible & affordable