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Building work and decorating can cause a lot of dust and dirt. We have a team of after builders' cleaners who specialise in this area. At Gala Cleaning Ltd we understand you may have special requirements and you can always provide us with your own task list.

After builders' cleaning services in London

After builders cleaning:

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Freephone 0800 279 3441

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•  Deep cleaning of skirting boards

•  Deep cleaning of doors and door frames

•  Deep cleaning of windows frames & window sills

•  Cleaning of light switches and sockets

•  Cleaning radiators

•  Cleaning all cupboards inside & out

•  Cleaning fridges and freezers, dishwashers and washing machines.

•  Descaling and cleaning of sink,

•  Remove cobwebs

•  Cleaning and polishing of all cupboards, wardrobes, bedside tables, tables inside & out

•  Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors & toilets

•  Clean and descale bath & showers and shower doors

•  Scrub and descale bathroom sinks, wipe all counters

•  Clean mirrors

Tailored cleaning

You can book a cleaning visit for any day of the week - weekends and public holidays which are charged as normal week days.


When you use Gala Cleaning Ltd your property is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy giving you piece of mind. We can provide a copy of the policy on request.

Carpet & window cleaning

We also offer a comprehensive domestic cleaning service for your home, including carpet cleaning and window cleaning. Gala Cleaning Ltd will take care of everything so you can relax and leave it all to us.

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After builders' cleaning

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